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Do not buy any stuff or invest in Violet Cold in any form if you are offended by the ideological essence of the project! I will always stand for freedom above groups, nations, states and any entities that contradict or discriminate against individual freedom!
All states are terrorists! 
All cops are bastards!
All authorities are criminals!
All religions are poison!
There is only one nation - HUMANITY!
There is only one law - EQUALITY!


Special message to all "leftists" who support any state - you are equal to the same nazi crap, so you can kindly join hands and fuck off!

Who is Violet Cold?

Violet Cold is an experimental AI simulated music project from 40°22'37.7"N 49°50'51.6"E

What does an AI simulated mean?

Since I perceive the world as a simulation, it is highly probable that I am merely a program code. Therefore, technically speaking, everything I create can be considered AI-generated

What does 40°22'37.7"N 49°50'51.6"E mean?

These are the geographic coordinates of my current location. Due to my belief that state institutions are designed to foster divisions based on national identity, create conflicts and wars between countries, and spread hatred and disinformation, I hereby renounce my citizenship to any particular country

What genre is Violet Cold?

Various but mostly Metal and Electronic with -gaze and -wave ending

About me

I am an anarchist, true internationalist, atheist, and advocate for various causes including LGBTIQ+ rights, feminism, human rights, science, and nature. I do not consider myself as part of any specific nation or culture. For me, my "nation" is human, and my "culture" encompasses all of humanity's diverse experiences and perspectives. Music holds a special place in my heart, and I find joy in both listening to and creating it. Despite having no formal musical training, I intuitively explore the process of music creation, constantly experimenting with unconventional methods and approaches that deviate from the typical production norms. While my favorite music genre is Post-Metal, I also appreciate a diverse range of genres including metal, electronic, classical, and jazz. Celeste (Fra) stands out as my favorite band. Additionally, I have a deep appreciation for dark art, an inherent fascination with the cosmos, astronomy, and quantum physics. Nature, particularly the ocean and forest, captivate me with their beauty and intrigue


I do not give interviews because I consider it to be a futile activity. All those questionnaire questions are nothing but a clichéd parody of a person. If you are interested in getting to know me, you can find much more information about me on my social media profiles than from any interview


Violet Cold is a fully independent artist and I do not strive to collaborate with music labels because I believe that the majority of labels do not bring any benefit, but rather exploit artists' music for their own gain. I am against such a system, therefore I kindly request labels that view artists as mere means of profit not to disturb.

In exceptional cases, if a label genuinely appreciates my music and truly wants to help spread it worldwide, if the label does not promote "right" artists, consistently donates for charities and speaks about human rights, then you may contact


I do not, and will not, collaborate with any band that does not adhere to leftist principles, lacks an active social media voice around human rights , or aligns itself with a specific nation, country, or culture


I value my fan base immensely, and unlike many artists who prioritize numbers, it is more crucial for me to establish a genuine connection with my listeners. I am not afraid of losing "fans" if it means to deal with nationalists, fascists, and conservatives who promote limitations and discrimination towards others. I always welcome human rights supporters and critical thinking listeners as my fans; you are the ones for whom I create art.

I intend to do diverse initiatives on social networks and offer various bonuses and discounts to show appreciation for my loyal fans


100 Points = $ 1 

1000 Points = 1 Free Shipping


1 Point for every $ 1 spent

100 Points to fans who become a site member

1000 Points to fans who ordered a Battle Unicorn plan

10000 Points to fans who ordered a Crazy Battle Unicorn plan


Free Shipping on All orders over $ 1,000


10% OFF All orders for Crazy Battle Unicorn plan


10% OFF CD orders over 10 pcs.

20% OFF CD orders over 20 pcs.

30% OFF CD orders over 30 pcs.

50% OFF CD orders over 50 pcs.


Album - WAV (Uncompressed Audio) in ZIP archive

Single - WAV (Uncompressed Audio) in ZIP archive

EP - WAV (Uncompressed Audio) in ZIP archive

Side Projects - WAV (Uncompressed Audio) in ZIP archive




T-Shirt - standard classic T-Shirt

Basic T-Shirt - budget friendly T-Shirt

Heavyweight Oversized Fit T-Shirt -  blank product by “Champion”

Long Sleeve Shirt -  blank product by “Champion”

Top Tank


Hoodie - standard classic Hoodie

Tie-Dye Hoodie - blank product by “Champion”


Sweatshirt - standard classic Sweatshirt

Champion Sweatshirt - blank product by “Champion”

Women's Crop Sweatshirt - fleece crop Sweatshirt


PU Leather Bomber Jacket

Denim Jacket



High Top Canvas Shoes

Lace Up Canvas Shoes


Snapback Hat

Cuffed Beanie

Sports Bra


Organic Tote Bag


Snap Case





Set Of Pin Buttons


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